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In this section, we will discuss not only the Cut of a diamond, but also the Shape. Many people confuse Cut and Shape., as they are similar. Round diamonds are cut with a full 58 facets and they serve as tiny prisms, gathering and reflecting light. Other fancy cut diamonds may vary from this number. An ideal cut (perfect cut) diamond, with correct proportion and angles is designed to give the maximum amount of light reflection, refraction and sparkle. Every facet of an ideal cut absorbs light and reflects it with maximum brilliance. This ideal cut maximizes the brilliance and beauty of the diamond. On the other hand, a shallow cut stone lets light leak out at the bottom while a deep cut stone loses light out of its side. Round diamond because of its symmetry, reflects the most light. But you will often see a diamond cut into a variety of different shapes.

Diamonds are cut into a variety of shapes .The cut from the rough or natural diamond is determined by the shape of the rough diamond, the position of flaws (technically inclusions) and the demand of the market place. The most popular shapes are shown below. 

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