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Custom Design Process:

The days of “popping the question” on bended knees and “surprising” the prospective bride with an engagement ring are by far the thing of the past. However, the trend today is for couples to shop together for rings and many women are now more involved in the engagement ring buying process – from diamond to setting selection. But what happens when you are not able to find the perfect ring that expresses your style or individuality? Or perhaps you have found the ring of your dreams, but the quality or workmanship is poor and the fit is just not quite right? Designing your own engagement ring and wedding ring ensemble and having them custom made is the quality solution.

A quality setting serves as the metal framework in which your diamond is mounted, establishing the tone for your ring. As importantly, diamond selection is key since it is the main ingredient for the composition of your perfect ring. We can assist you in both the design of your ring and diamond selection.

Benefits of Custom Design
1 Expression of Your individual Style
2 Originality Uniqueness
3 Best Quality
4 Best Fit & Comfort

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