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Step 2 : Wax Model

The majority of the models for our custom work are carved in wax. In certain circumstances, our jeweler may fabricate the design of your ring directly into metal, skipping the wax process. In other cases, both wax and metal will be used. Here is what you can expect during the wax modeling stage.

All wax models are hand carved and shaped by our jeweler. The amount of detail or number of diamonds or stones on your ring will dictate the amount of time spent on each model. Because these models are made mainly by hand, some models may take 2-3 days while other models may take up to 1 week to complete. An important step is the measurement of your center diamond. We take careful measurements of the diamond (or in cases with 3 stone rings – the side diamonds also) since the basket (the box that houses the diamond) and prongs for each diamond rare formed by hand. This exact process allows for the diamond to sit correctly and proportionately. The “band” portion of the ring will sized according to your finger measurement. Due to the shrinkage in the metal during the casting process, minimal sizing maybe required.

Once the wax model is complete, we will invite you to come in to approve the model. Since wax is soft, all minor changes to the model will have to be done at this stage. Most of the time, changes will be made during your visit. Now that you have seen your ring transform from a 2-D drawing to a 3–D model, we are ready to move onto the Casting process.

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