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Diamonds are measured in carats and points. One carat is equal to 100 points. A 1/4 carat Diamond may also be correctly referred to as 25 points. Dividing a carat into 100 parts provides a more precise way to express the exact weight of a diamond. This is very important to help uniquely identify an individual diamond. On a casual level we often make reference to a 1/2 carat or 3/4 carat. In fact those diamonds might actually be 53 or 54 points and 73 or 74 points.

Is bigger better or more valuable? Not necessarily so. A larger diamond of lower quality (i.e., poor cut, lower color and clarity) will be of lesser value than a smaller diamond of better quality. In addition, keep in mind that the larger the diamonds, the more pronounced the flaws. We consistently advise our clients to consider quality over size. You will never be disappointed with a good quality diamond and neither will your children.

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