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While there are many options of metals, we find that for most couples the decision is quite a simple one. Platinum is the metal of choice. The practice of using platinum for many brides goes back to the time of their mothers, grandmothers and even great grandmothers. It is a metal that stands for tradition and timeless classic.

Even though platinum is used extensively in industry (medical and automotive), about 33% of the world’s Platinum is used in jewelry making. For the past decade, platinum has regained its position as the most prestigious white jewelry metal since the 1920s. Platinum is considered one of the world’s rarest and most precious metal – thus making it more expensive than gold.

Notable qualities of platinum are its purity, strength, density and pliability. Platinum jewelry is most pure because it contains only a small amount of alloy in it – about 10% - thus making it hypoallergenic. Because of its strength, platinum holds gemstones most securely and protect from the stress of daily wear. The weight or density of platinum is also much greater, differentiating it from other precious metals. In addition, its neutral color enhances the brilliance and depth of diamonds and other precious stones – making it most popular for jewelry making. Platinum is tarnish resistant and consistently retains its white luster.

In the United States platinum is usually marked: PT or PLAT. In Europe, platinum is identified by the following marks: 950 or PT950.

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