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White South Seas

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South Sea pearls are cultured saltwater pearls which are cultivated primarily in Australia, Myanmar, Indonesia, and the islands of the South Pacific. They are produced by the oyster species Pinctada maxima.

South Sea pearls tend to be both the largest and the rarest of pearls. Their rarity is due to the fact that growing larger pearls requires a great deal of time, during which many things can go wrong: the oysters can die, the pearl can become misshapen, etc. Thus, South Sea pearls tend to be among the most expensive of pearls, commanding high prices for quality pearls. Their most common colors are white, silve Pearls farmed in Indonesian produce more of the cream and yellow cultured pearls because they focus their operations on the gold-lipped P. Maxima, an oyster more likely to produce those colors.

Not only do the gold-lipped oysters produce more cream and yellow pearls than their silver-lipped cousins, they produce a slightly smaller pearl. Most Indonesian pearls range from 8 to 13 mm. The Indonesian oyster is smaller than the Australian variety. The results are thicker nacre, about 2 mm on the average, deposited in 18 months.

South Sea Pearls are expensive, but you will find them a very nice addition to your gem collection white silver, and gold.

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